We’re usually heading into summer holidays focused on celebration and relaxation - but it’s also a great time of year to make positive changes that improve your wellbeing.  And it doesn’t just have to be a one-off holiday thing - doing something for 21 consecutive days can embed a habit. And once it’s part of your routine, it’s almost effortless. Here are some great habits to try out - if you attempt all of them, it’s highly likely at least one or two will stick, and that’s a win in our book!

  1. Add incidental exercise into your day - and your trip away. We’re talking about parking further away from the main entry when doing your shopping, walking to the post office to mail presents, or even leaving your car after a Xmas drinks party and having a morning walk to collect it the next day! Once you’re on holiday, beach walks, biking or even boogie boarding with kids are great ways to keep active. 
  2. Be more mindful about consumer goods, the environment and waste. This Xmas, ask for experience gifts rather than things. How about Forme Spa massage and facial vouchers - who doesn’t love that?! Things like zoo memberships, ski passes or vouchers for the movies are ideal for kids, and won’t clutter the house with plastic. Get creative with wrapping as well - try reusable gift bags or recycled wrapping paper.
  3.  Want a trick to keep cool and stay healthy on a hot summer’s day? Pop some ice in your white wine or rosé - this not only keeps it cool but also dilutes it and adds hydration. Trust us, when you’re drinking during a long lunch in the sun, you’ll be thankful later that you tried this hack.
  4. Are you guilty of being a bit slack with your skincare? Use the holiday time to invest in self care - and make use of those neglected jars sitting around. This is especially valuable with bodycare, since those days in the sun will leave your skin in serious need of hydration. Once you commit to a good skincare routine over consecutive days, you’ll notice the difference, so this habit will be easier to stick to once holidays are over.
  5. Deprivation and diets seem a bit depressing around the holidays (or any time, really!). Take a different tack and instead of focusing on what you can’t have, focus on what you need to eat more of. Eat what you like for Xmas dinner and beyond, but load up on vegetables of all kinds. Try to include vegies at every meal, and get creative with new combinations and recipes. It’s not about your waistline, it’s about your skin and overall health.
  6. Always been meaning to write in a journal every day but never got around to it? The secret might be to start small. A ‘one-sentence’ journal only needs you to jpt down one particular thought or event that happened, but it still provides a great record to look back on over the years. Or you could try a gratitude journal, and document one or more positive thoughts to start the day. Over time, a rosier outlook will become more of a habit, which in turn boosts your mood and wellbeing.
  7. The same ‘start small’ approach works well for exercise too. Ten minutes of exercise is much less daunting than a one-hour commitment, but if you’re more likely to do that every day, it’s better than never doing a longer session (but always planning to!) There are lots of free YouTube channels with personal trainers offering time-specific workouts - 10-minute abs, 20-minute barre, 15-minute yoga - you get the idea. Once you start, it’s easy to build up to more. If you’re more likely to commit once you’ve invested real money, try downloading an app that offers workouts.
  8. Bad habits can be hard to break, but we can limit the negative effects. Try pairing them with good habits, so you make a healthier choice overall. If you can’t stop binge watching, make a habit of doing yoga stretches at the same time. If you’re a bit lazy on cooking, make yourself walk to get your takeaways instead of always getting delivery. You can also get creative to use your favourite things as a reward - only listen to your most-wanted podcast when you’re walking or at the gym, for example.
  9. Invest in your skin health and get hooked on a daily facial sunscreen that’s a pleasure to wear. We’re big fans of Synergie Skin UberZinc and the Coola mineral sunscreens. Ideally, you should feel ‘naked’ without your facial SPF to the point where you never leave the house without it. This is a simple habit, but one that will pay immense dividends down the line.
  10. Our happiness is hugely tied to our connections with others. And while the holidays can be a pressure cooker for family and other relationships, they can also be a time to start happy traditions and shared interests. Whether it’s with your parents, your kids or your partner (or all three), the holidays are a great time to try a new sport, boardgame, cooking challenge, creative pursuit or competition together. Once you’ve found something to bond over, it can carry you through many years together.