Meet Hady, the owner of award winning Forme Spa with 10 locations across  NZ. It all began nearly 17 years ago in 2002, when Hady left the world of advertising/marketing and bought a tanning/beauty salon in Ponsonby.  Out with the old and in with the new – sunbeds, red towels, Austrian blinds, lemon walls and green logo were out; Karen Walker Donkey Brown hit the walls, modern white fit-out and new chocolate branding paved the way forward.  And it was a big hit!  The second spa opened in Parnell the following year, and more to follow taking Forme to 10 spas.  Many changes have happened along the way to keep the brand fresh and relevant, including a new look with clay pink walls, brass and wood for the spas.

Innovation is a key part of the culture, with new products and services regularly being introduced to the line-up to offer the very best in conscious beauty.

Whats your favourite beauty hack/tip? 

Really cleansing your skin properly.  I don’t mean using an aggressive cleanser, but spending the time to moisten your fingers and work the cleanser into your skin properly.  It’s also a mini-massage and stimulates blood flow to the area, and makes sure there is nothing preventing your fave serum to be absorbed into the skin.  Costs no more either!

What is the beauty product you can't live without? 

Sunblock.  As someone who spent too much time in the sun as teenager, I’m playing catch up in the battle against pigmentation and so I always need to be vigilant to make sure I don’t un-do all the benefits of the treatments and products I use to reduce pigmentation.  In love with the new Synergie Uber Zinc and also the Coola products.

Best kept beauty secret? 

Self massage!  A bit like cleansing, the more time you spend gently massaging your products into the skin not only will you stimulate blood flow but it helps to relax the muscles and ease facial tension.  Not only does that make us look less tired and grumpy, it actually helps and also a mini time out for a few minutes in your day.

What's your favourite Forme treatment? 

I have so many favourites that’s not fair!  Nothing goes on the menu without me experiencing the products first and I only choose things that I think our guests will love.

What does your Sunday morning look like? 

A walk along the beach, yoga class and visit to the Takapuna markets for fresh flowers and veges.  My zen happy time of the week.

What are you looking forward to this summer? 

I had a wild crazy Latin Christmas in Buenos Aires with extended family for starters.  Time at the beach (yes, with SPF) in New Zealand under the pohutukawas – heaven on earth isn’t it.  Being warm enough to wear summer clothes without a shiver.  And introducing more amazing things to our Forme Spa guests in 2019.