Winter is such a cosy time to have a spa treatment - when it’s rainy or dull outside, there’s nothing better than cocooning under the waffle blanket and enjoying a massage or facial. It’s a treat that truly caters to all your senses. 

But we can’t indulge every day (we wish!), so we’ve come up with some soothing rituals to help you unwind at the end of a busy day. We’re embracing every one of the six senses - taste, touch, smell, sight and sound - for maximum bliss. 


Before you do anything else, get your bedroom ambiance set up for later. Prepare an aroma diffuser with a soothing essential oil. Lavender is the classic, but choose whatever scent blend that helps you switch off. Then close the bedroom door. When you come back at bedtime, you’ll be hit by the beautiful tranquil scent as soon as you enter. 


Take the time to brew and savour a gourmet tea blend, or make yourself a soothing winter drink such as lemon, honey and ginger. Appreciate the scent and flavours, and sip it mindfully while you’re sitting in your favourite comfy spot.


Bathtime! Choose a gorgeously scented bath oil, foam or salts and enjoy the aromas. Try to do nothing but relax now - listen to music or read a book, but don’t scroll through your phone. 


After the bath, it’s time for some touch therapy. Apply an indulgent body lotion, then take it slow with your usual facial skincare routine. It’s a good time to add on a face mask (we love Biolelents Collagen Rehab Mask) or give skin some extra TLC by using a jade facial roller. You might even want to give yourself a comforting hand or foot massage.

When it’s time to get into bed, stay away from screens and get your eyes primed for sleep. Dim the lights or use your favourite candle. If you love complete darkness, invest in a luxe sleep mask. Breathe in the gorgeous scent you set in step 1!


Press play on sounds that help you sleep. That might be complete silence, soothing music such as a ‘spa playlist’, nature sounds, a meditation app or even ‘sleep stories.’ Set a timer so you don’t have to worry about turning anything off, and just let yourself drift off.


These 6 rituals are sure to get you in a chilled-out state for sleep, but you can pick and choose which steps appeal the most and make your own relaxing ritual. Sweet dreams!