Why trust us?

Right now is an unprecedented time where decisions are based on your health and safety, and the likelihood of a business being around in 6 months.   We’d like to share a few facts for you to consider.

    • Forme Spa has been in business for 18 years and have survived many a challenge such as the GFC and are well resourced to get through this time
    • We are extending gift voucher validity during lockdown with a 6 month grace period
    • Spa Reward loyalty points expiring 23 March 2020-31 May 2020 have been extended until 31 July 2020
    • Contact-less online shipping is available of all products and gift vouchers
    • Gift vouchers are also available via email as e-vouchers

It seems likely that we will be allowed to open at Level 2.  The health of our team and our guests is paramount.   We will be practicing the following standards when we are allowed to open, plus any additional required or recommended. 

What we ask of you please:

    • First and foremost, we ask if you are showing any symptoms of being unwell such as a runny nose, cough, temperature, sneezing that to keep everyone safe you reschedule your appointment
    • If you have been in contact with anyone who is ill, we ask you also please stay away until the 2 week incubation period has passed or you have tested negative
    • That you log in to GuestHQ or reconfirm your contact details with us when you arrive at the spa 
    • That you are mindful of the spaces of others and keep a 1m distance please

What we are doing to keep you safe:

    • Any team member unwell will be required to stay home
    • Morning health check conversations with the team
    • Hand santiser available for team and guest use
    • Mandatory hand washing between all guests
    • PPE to be worn as optional by therapists or on request by guest
    • Mask available for guests who are having treatments not involving the face if requested
    • Fresh linen for every guest
    • Linen to be washed on heat cycle and placed in machine wearing gloves
    • Disposable items used (hair bonnet, spatulas, gauze coverings, g-string, tissues, paper towels)
    • UV sterilisation of all equipment
    • Disinfecting all surfaces between guests
    • Contact-less payment only accepted (Paywave)
    • Restriction of guests in waiting/reception areas to practice social distancing, or to go directly to treatment room
    • Contact tracking of anyone entering the premises

This list will be adapted as we progress operating in Level 2 will be and is by no means final, and will be relaxed at Level 1 further.