Skin Rejuvenation Programmes

Our Skin Rejuvenation Programme options take skin care to a whole new level. Committed to making a real change in your skin? We will work with your concerns and your budget to find the right solution to get your skin back to optimum health.

Our Programmes include Resurfacing with Microdermabrasion to slough off dull surface layers of skin leaving a more radiant surface. Infusion treatments help potent serums to penetrate more deeply into the skin layers to really ensure maximum results. LED which is red light therapy proven to stimulate collagen production and therefore boost the firmness of the skin.

Combined as a course of treatments your skin will be clearer, more even and radiant. Our therapist are highly trained to diagnose and treat skin conditions.

    Microdermabrasion X 3 Prepay

    Microdermabrasion is a great way to gently remove surface dull skin and debris, creating a more radiant skin. Include a mask to calm the skin.  Prepay 3 treatments for great savings.

    Was $360.00
    New Beginnings

    New Beginnings is great to really get started with a series of skin treatments, designed to be a weekly treatment over 3 weeks.

    1. Resurface
    2. Infuse
    3.  LED with Babor Vitamin Ampoule
    NOW $289 VALUE $367 Get started with a New Beginning for your skin now!

    Was $367.00
    Kick Start

    Designed to be a weekly treatment over 3 weeks, perfect for addressing specific skin concerns and a great Kick Start to better skin health

    1.  Resurface & Infusion
    2. Resurface & LED
    3. Infusion & LED
    NOW $379 VALUE $476 Kick start a better skin today!

    Was $476.00

    Designed to be a weekly treatment over 5 weeks, Renew is a more intense programme for those serious about getting maximum results.

    1. Resurface & Infusion
    2. Resurface & LED
    3. Resurface & Infusion
    4. Infusion &  LED
    5. Infusion &  LED
    NOW $699 VALUE $873

    Was $873.00