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Body Scrubs & Wraps

Linger longer at the spa with body treatments to shed your stress and let your skin glow. Whether that is a softening body scrub, hydrating body wrap, a detoxifying sauna visit, or a long soak – there is an option for you. Great to add to a massage or facial treatment.

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Infra Red Sauna

Detox, relax tired muscles, stimulate your circulation and unwind with a Sunlighten infra-red sauna

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Soak Me In Aqua

The healing properties of water make it the ideal way to unwind and begin a treatment. So slow down,

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Polish Me

Seasonal body scrubs polish the skin, removing dull dead cells while stimulating lymph and blood

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Cocoon Me

The ultimate nurturing treatment for your body and rebalancing treatment for your wellbeing. An

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Back & Booty

Put your back (or behind) in the spotlight with this fast “facial on the flipside.” It starts