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Teen Skin Rescue


As if hormones and growth spurts and all sorts of body changes aren’t enough, teens are often challenged with skin problems that destroy their confidence. Just getting into some basic skin hygiene routines can help, and sometimes Mum isn’t the best person to get teens to listen to, so we’ve put together a special deal where your teen can have a skin consult and either a Rapid Results facial or peel depending on their skin, and lots of free advice on how to best care for their skin. It is totally suitable for the guys too. Let them know we’ve looked after quite a few high profile athletes over the years and it’s certainly not just for the girls. Available Mon-Fri before 4pm during the school holidays.

Kiwifruit Squares with Cinnamon Crumble

Posted April 20th, 2019 -

I like baking that has plenty of character and depth, and these super-moist kiwifruit squares tick all the boxes. The tart kiwifruit filling sits on top of a rich, buttery base, which is all topped off with a crunchy cinnamon-crumble topping. Serve with a splash of runny cream and you have a...Read more

How to keep your skin glowing this Autumn

Posted April 16th, 2019 -

Autumn is a time of transition and the best autumn skin care routines will help to correct any summer skin damage and prepare your skin for the drier, cooler winter months ahead.  Here are ides, tips and some of my favourite products to ensure you maintain a healthy radiant glowing skin as we...Read more