Facial Add Ons

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Even more reasons to love your facial.  Upgrade for more skin Luxe.  Or take some extra time for relaxation by adding a Bliss Me massage before your facial. Shut Eye Mask  - referesh and revitalize $19 Vitamin Boost Ampoule - a potent individual serve of skin vitamins $22 Vitamin Infusion - a deeply penetrating treatment to infuse the selected serum into your skin $59 Microderm Away - exfoliate away dry, dull skin for a more radiant skin $85 Light Me Up Collagen Boost - the ultimate LED treatment to boost collagen and really stimulate radiance $70 Bliss Back Massage - unwind and relax 20 min $40 Bliss Back Massage - even more relax 30 min $60

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Preventative Skin Detox: Why You Need It + How To Do It

Posted May 13th, 2020 -

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