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Kick Start  is part of our skin health programmes that combine the very best high impact treatments to achieve great results in minimum time.  Designed to be a weekly treatment over 3 weeks, perfect for addressing specific skin concerns. 1. Resurface & Infusion - microdermabrasion gently exfoliates dull, dry, old skin to reveal a brighter look followed by a  treatment designed to infuse the potent serum into the skin to really get to a level that it can deliver results. 2. Resurface & Light Me Up Lumiere - another microdermabrasion treatment further enhances the results, followed by a collagen boosting LED treatment that gives you a healthy skin glow. 3. Infusion & Light Me Up Lumiere - this treatment combines the benefits of the infusion of a potent serum with the collagen boosting benefits of an LED treatment. NOW $379 VALUE $476 Kick start a better skin today!

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