To get the best from your skin, you need an expert diagnosis and a layered skincare regime. And the way to get both is by having an exceptional facial experience with us!


It’s so easy to get overwhelmed in the world of skincare, with new products constantly popping up on your Instagram feed and in beauty stores. But how do you know which ones will truly make a difference to your skin - and which ones are just the latest marketing bandwagon? You need to get advice from a trusted skin expert - and that’s where we come in.


At Forme Spa our facialists are all highly qualified and have a wealth of experience looking after skin. We believe in ongoing education, so we hold regular in-house training and workshops - we even have our own training school. Many of our staff have been with us for many years - some even more than a decade - so there’s no one who knows more about facials and skincare than us!


While facials are always a relaxing treat, at Forme Spa they are also highly informative and educational. Thanks to the expertise of our facialists, you get the best of both worlds!


Where to begin
If you are new to facials, the best place to start is the Essential Rejuvenate Me Facial -a great introduction to facials and skincare. Your skin is professionally diagnosed and the correct facial protocol is used to get great results. You’ll enjoy a double cleanse, professional exfoliation, treatment mask, serum and massage to release facial tension. 


Ready for an upgrade?

If you are a seasoned facial partaker, then we highly recommend moving to our Specialised or Medi-Spa facials. While still relaxing these facials use more advanced cosmeceutical products, peels and protocols sometimes involving the use of technology. (If you have booked for a Rejuvenate Me we can often just change it up and do a Specialised or Medi-Spa facial - just chat to your facialist about this option.) 


Matching your facial to your skincare

As part of any of our facials, your skincare specialist can recommend the perfect range of products tailored to your skin type, age and whatever skin concerns you may have, from acne, dryness and sensitivity to anti ageing and hormonal issues. This means you can keep up a great skincare routine at home afterwards.


At Forme Spa we have curated the very best skincare ranges for use in the salon and at home. Our hero ranges are Bioelements, Synergie and Babor.


Babor is a German range known for luxe, high performance skincare. Bioelements is a world-renowned spa brand that offers custom blended products personalised just for you. Synergie is an Australian cosmeceutical brand devoted to clean science.


If you have a specific skincare range you want us to use, then simply book a facial from that range. You might choose the BioElements Firm & Lift Facial, The Synergie Radiance Facial or the Babor HSR Luxury Facial, just to name a few. You can chat with your facialist about which products within that specific range are best tailored to your skin needs.


Perfecting your at-home routine

As well as introducing you to the products that can make an active difference in your skin, your Forme Spa facialist will explain exactly how and when to apply them for best results. They’ll also tell you what to expect from your skin afterwards so you can feel informed along the way. 

Your skin concerns may change as your environment or lifestyle change, so regular facials can also help you keep your product routine current.   


When you go on a facial journey with us, you gain someone in your corner who’s a true skin expert. Becoming a ‘regular’ with the same facialist is a great way to get ongoing skin advice for the long term. And the best way to get there is by booking a series of facials or, even better, signing up for a Belong spa membership with us.