NZ's favourite place for rejuvenation & relaxation

‘For me’ two little words that many of us find hard to say. We’ve shortened them to one so it’s a little easier. At Forme Day Spa we believe you deserve to make the most of your me-time. To say no to stress and push pause on life. To relax, unwind, recharge and simply, live better.

We put back what life takes out. We rejuvenate with blissful facials that replenish and restore your skin, using active ingredients to get results. We soothe, with massages that melt away the knots that slow down the movement of your body.

And we nourish your whole body with clean products, some organic & vegan, sustainable where possible.

From the moment you walk in, our luxe haven will put your body and mind at ease. We treat every moment as precious. We believe in value, as we want you to come and relax as often as you need to. We also give back to those in need. And every day we strive to make people like you feel good – people who say, shout or whisper, It’s for me’.

Supreme Award Winner, Retail NZ Awards 2019;        Best Customer Experience Winner, Retail NZ 2019